Born to satisfy the needs for highly reliable cost effective solutions, IPC combines Italian expertise and know-how with the advantages of a decentralized manufacturing process.

The result is an industry leading organization providing best quality, price and performance ratios to satisfy the highest demands of a competitive worldwide market. Supported by a flexible and professional business organization and a rapidly expanding sales network, IPC is able to understand and meet the demands of the local markets.

Our strength comes from the combination of a highly technical production plant, certified ISO 9001, with capacity to produce 25.000 motors per year, and the experience coming from decades of designing and manufacturing electric submersible motors with Italian professionalism and experience.


Our production is carried out in a brand new industrial plant of 30,000 m2 located in that employs over 100 people.

The plant layout and technical procedures meet the highly demanding Japanese “Kanban” production method necessitating a constant feed of raw materials and components at each stage of the process. Our mission is to optimize the manufacturing cycles and provide world beating manufacturing lead times.